Foreign-Born Blacks Experience Lower Odds of Obesity but Higher Odds of Diabetes than US-Born Blacks in New York City

Margrethe F. Horlyck‑Romanovsky. Katarzyna Wyka. Sandra E. Echeverria. May May Leung. Melissa Fuster. Terry T. ‑K. Huang

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health

DOI 10.1007/s10903-018-0708-7

The Physical Activity and Redesigned Community Spaces (PARCS) Study: Protocol of a natural experiment to investigate the impact of citywide park redesign and renovation

Terry T. K. Huang, Katarzyna E. Wyka, Emily B. Ferris, Jennifer Gardner, Kelly R. Evenson, Devanshi Tripathi, Gabriel Martinez Soto, Matthew S. Cato, Jon Moon, Julia Wagner, Joan M. Dorn, Diane J. Catellier and Lorna E. Thorpe

BMC Public Health 

DOI 10.1186/s12889-016-3822-2